My wife and I are just your average couple living in the Heartland who have somehow managed to survive forty-six years of marriage. Obviously, we deserve a medal for sheer endurance.

During our time together, we’ve been blessed with a beautiful daughter and two wonderful grandsons. But recently, our lives moved in a different direction. We both decided to take early retirement so we could do some traveling and enjoy our “later” years together. (The verdict is still out on whether or not that was a wise decision.)

It has often been said that “opposites attract” and that is certainly true for me and my lovely bride. Not surprisingly, our personal quirks and idiosyncrasies have created a great deal of humor through the years, and, fortunately, we have always chosen to laugh at ourselves instead of letting our differences drive us crazy.

A final note about the content. Although I write all of the posts, my wife’s thoughts and opinions are invaluable. After all, a marriage is an equal partnership, and this blog reflects that. So, if you like the writing, I’m happy to take credit – and it you don’t like it, feel free to blame her.

I don’t mind.