Me and my wife. (And two pets: an adorable dog and an appalling cat.)

Although our nest has actually been empty for the last twenty-five years, during that quarter-century, we both worked full-time – but that has come to an end. We decided to take early retirement, so, I suppose you could say we are about to enter (maybe stagger) into our “golden years”.

This little blog chronicles our torturous journey into the sunset of life as an old couple who, against all odds, has survived the inevitable ups and downs of a long marriage.

I say against all odds because, after more than four decades together, I’m still waiting for my wife to come to her senses before it’s too late – but the clock is ticking.

However, against her better judgment, we are now strolling, hand in hand, through the murky uncharted waters of retirement. I consistently hope for the best – but expect the worst.

In contrast, my lovely bride considers it to be a great adventure. She continually comes up with wonderful plans, and, out of necessity, a few of them involve me. Therefore, I try not to allow my natural pessimism to hinder her unrestrained giddiness. (She always sees the glass as half full while I see it as half empty and leaking.)

Now, as you may have noticed, most humor blogs about marriage tend to focus on younger couples or those in middle-age. So, I decided it was time to address the seemingly endless comical issues that develop between spouses who have shared their entire adult lives.

I invite you to join us as we take a look at married life through bifocals and cataracts. As we shiver in the warm sunlight with blankets on our laps. And as we stare blankly at our electronic devices, waiting for our grandchildren to visit so they can make them work.

Hopefully, you will follow this blog and join in the laughter that is bound to result as my wife and I grow old, less than gracefully.

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